23 Flower Beds In Front Of House Ideas

Kasey Spencer
Flower Beds In Front Of House Ideas

Flower beds are one of the ways you can add curb appeal and sophistication to your front house. There are days you look at your front yard, and you feel something is missing, and this is where the idea of adding a flower bed to make it more attractive comes in. Whether you want a formal or informal look, a flower bed in front of the house can help transform your outdoor space.

A front yard flower bed is quite similar to a garden but it is more dedicated to growing and displaying flowers. It is a decorative feature that can help add beauty, color, and visual appeal to your front yard. If you are confused about the best flower beds to decorate your front yard, we have rounded up the best options to help you make an informed decision.

Flower Beds In Front Of House Ideas

Not only are flower beds in the front yard cute but they can easily become the focal point of your front house, helping you showcase an array of lovely flowering plants, trellis, annuals, and perennials. Here is the list of 23 flower beds in front-of-house ideas to inspire.

1. Spring Hydrangeas Flower Bed Decor

Spring Hydrangeas Flower Bed Decor
Image: @homeonanashvillehill // Instagram

Hydrangea bushes are not just fascinating but they bloom easily during spring hence why they are fitting options for your front yard. You can easily show off your hydrangeas flower bed using the bush varieties and also using the curved flower bed design can easily highlight the beauty of a landscape garden.

2. Colourful Path Flowerbed

colorful flower bed
Image: @The Home Depot

If you have a front porch with neutral color designs then one way to brighten it home is to include colorful flowers in your flower garden. This will soften the walkway while also creating a pattern you can keep up and this will also prevent your fence from feeling like a walkway.

3. Side Walk Flower Bed Idea

Side Walk Flower Bed Idea
Image: @goodpathgarden // Instagram

Another way to adorn your front yard with flower beds and not take over the walkway completely is to go for the sidewalk flower bed design. This is a simple and effective way to plant your flower of choice and keep the front door looking cute and uncluttered.

4. Rustic Succulent Flower Beds

Rustic Succulent Flower Beds
Image: @studioardarchitects // Instagram

To create a balance and ensure your flower bed stands out, go for a mix of succulent varieties and you can also throw in a bush flower or tree to make it look more exciting.

5. Lawn and Edged Flower Beds

Lawn and Edged Flower Beds
Image: @plantforsuccess // Instagram

The bigger your front yard, the more the chances of designing with as many flower beds as you want. However, you can always add a lawn to make better use of the space and also accent your flower beds properly.

6. Front Yard Strip Planter

Front Yard Strip Planter
Image: @peppercornmcsmiley // Instagram

Here is one of the exciting flower beds for front yards and parks as well. This simple sweet flower bed is low maintenance and gives you a chance to keep your garden neat without leaving any part unkempt and overbearing.

7. Cottage Style Flower Bed

Cottage Style Flower Bed
Image: @hilsenjessica // Instagram

Want to give your front yard a colorful cozy backdrop? This eye-catching combination of flowers keeps your front yard blooming and the cottage style enhances your house decor as well.

8. Flower Bed Framed View

Flower Bed Framed View
Image: @fieldstonelandscape // Instagram

Framing the view is one of the ways you can easily draw attention to the flowers and also ensure the house stands out no matter how plain the decor is. This also offers the illusion that the yard is larger than it is while highlighting your front window and door.

9. Rock Border Flower Beds

Rock Border Flower Beds
Image: @dachnyi_otvet // Instagram

The idea with a stone flower bed is to offer a low maintenance ground covering and also create a unique design that complements the whole of your front yard decor. Consider going for drought-resistant flowers to ensure that they thrive.

10. Shrub Flower Beds

Shrub Flower Beds
Image: @shirliekemp // Instagram

Instead of having to constantly mow or prune your front yard garden, you can always well go for the shrub flower varieties, this would help keep things refined while incorporating a nice edge to your landscape.

11. Classy Front Yard Flower Beds

Classy Front Yard Flower Beds
Image: @dachnyi_otvet // Instagram

You do not have to create a flower bed directly in front of your home for it to beautify your yard, setting it against the fence creates an interesting focal point as well. This flower bed design prevents your fence from feeling like a barrier and makes your front yard look more welcoming.

12. Cozy Pink, Purple and Yellow Flower Bed Design

Cozy Pink, Purple and Yellow Flower Bed Design
Source: @Soul & Lane

If you are looking to create a formal cozy home design idea, it is a classy way to add elegance to your front porch. This design gives a traditional structured appeal that every homeowner desires.

13. Island Flower Beds

Island Flower Beds
Image: @nurneylandscape // Instagram

If you are looking to create a beautiful display of flowers but not looking to have it all compiled in one space then here is the perfect choice to go for. This is a really cute option, it creates a visually stunning appeal in front of your home.

14. Curbed Flower Bed Design

Curbed Flower Bed Design
Image: @trademarklandscape // Instagram

Curbed flower beds just like this are ideal for accenting the sides of your home or walkway. The color of choice, height, and texture of the flowers chosen should all come together to form this beautiful and functional flower bed design.

15. Tropical Rose Flower Bed Design

Tropical Rose Flower Bed Design
Image: @gardenanswer // Instagram

Rose is an efficient way to add glam and natural beauty combination to your garden. Planting roses along with a bunch of hollyhocks is a way to ensure your garden is always thriving. Since spring is around then here is the perfect flower bed idea to go for.

16. Contemporary Flower Garden

Contemporary Flower Garden
Image: @harikaevlertr // Instagram

If you have a centered home, then one thing you want to do to highlight it is to create a contemporary garden design. This allows you to make proper use of the space available space and also enhance the look of a tropical flower garden.

17. Formal Sophisticated Flower Bed

Formal Sophisticated Flower Bed
Image: @JOGALBRAITHATHOME // Instagram

Here is another cute feminine pink flower bed design that welcomes your guests and also beautifies your front yard. White and pink hydrangeas are popular options among gardeners and it is excellent for creating a visually striking appearance.

18. Tiered Flower Bed Design

Tiered Flower Bed Design
Image: @chelseerawephotography // Instagram

Not only is this house charming, but the flower beds add more glam and beauty to it. Adorning your home with flowers just like this is how every spring home decor should look and it’s a way to provide color in your home all through the growing season.

19. Annual No-Border Flower Beds

Annual Border Flower Beds
Image: @ladydifloralgarden // Instagram

This unique flower bed garden comes in various sizes of flowers, shapes, and patterns. The flower beds have simply been used to create texture so nothing else is needed. It’s a great no-border garden for gardeners who are just looking to maintain a flower garden every summer.

20. Custom Planter Flower Bed

Custom Planter Flower Bed
Image: @greystonelandscape • // Instagram

This is another way to add natural beauty to your home while adding interest and value to your front yard. The planters let you separate the plants and also keep your front yard tidy.

21. Urban Front Yard Landscape

Urban Front Yard Landscape
Image: @makemygarden // Instagram

Here is another awesome way to accent your landscape and create a fascinating flower bed garden as well. Here is an excellent option when you don’t have a small front yard space, it is best to keep the flower beds on the side of the walkway, so your entrance does not become cluttered.

22. Japanese Fusion Front Yard Flower Bed

Japanese Fusion Front Yard Flower Bed
Image: @ladylandscape // Instagram

If you are looking to not just create an amazing flower bed in your front yard but always a fascinating landscape, this is the one you should be going for. From the landscape to the choice of flowers, this whole front yard highlights any home decor and creates a balance as well.

23. Butterfly Flower Bed Garden

Butterfly Flower Bed Garden
Image: @blaire_court_gardens // Instagram

Long and narrow gardens are visually aesthetic and the key to matching them is to embrace the idea of different colorful flowers and also match different patterns and shapes as well. This type of flower bed allows you to play with flowers of different colours and also create a garden that attracts pollinators.

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