The Top 18 Herbs for Tea Lovers

Kasey Spencer
The Top 18 Herbs for Tea Lovers

The rise in tea’s popularity isn’t just a trend; it’s a reflection of our collective desire to lead healthier lives while indulging in the simple pleasures that nature offers. From the comforting warmth of freshly brewed chamomile to the invigorating zest of peppermint, herbal teas offer a natural way to relax, rejuvenate, and restore our bodies.

In this post, we’ll explore 18 remarkable herbs that have been cherished by cultures around the world for centuries. These herbs not only make delicious teas but are also lauded for their medicinal properties.

Whether you’re a seasoned tea drinker or just beginning to explore the world of herbal teas, this guide is designed to help you discover new favorites and learn how to incorporate them into your daily routine for enhanced health and enjoyment.

The Top Herbs for Tea Enthusiasts

Let’s take a look at these top teas together.

1. Chamomile

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A staple in any tea lover’s collection, chamomile is renowned for its soothing properties. It’s the perfect companion for those nights when sleep seems just out of reach or when your digestive system needs a gentle nudge. Its mild, floral flavor is a bonus, making it a crowd-pleaser.

2. Peppermint

peppermint herb
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Refreshing and invigorating, peppermint tea is more than just a breath freshener. It aids digestion, helps relieve headaches, and can be a great pick-me-up during the day without the caffeine jitters.

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3. Ginger

Ginger herb
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The spicy kick of ginger tea is not only warming on a cold day but also offers anti-inflammatory benefits, nausea relief, and immune system support. Its bold flavor pairs well with honey or lemon, creating a comforting brew.

4. Hibiscus

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With its vibrant color and tangy taste, hibiscus tea is a feast for the senses. Beyond its beauty, it’s packed with antioxidants, aids in managing blood pressure, and supports liver health, making it a delightful and healthful choice.

5. Lavender

Lavender herb
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Known for its calming aroma, lavender tea is a stress reliever that encourages relaxation and sleep. Its anti-inflammatory properties are an added benefit, making it a soothing cup before bedtime.

6. Green Tea (Camellia sinensis)

Green tea bud and fresh leaves.
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A powerhouse of antioxidants, green tea offers a gentle energy boost, supports weight loss, and is linked to numerous health benefits, including heart health and improved brain function. Its versatility in blends and flavors makes it a favorite.

7. Rooibos

Rooibos plant

Originating from South Africa, rooibos is a caffeine-free alternative rich in antioxidants. It’s known for supporting bone health and contains minerals that promote well-being.

8. Lemon Balm

lemon balm (melissa) and thyme herb in flowerpot on balcony, urban container garden concept
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This herb brings a light, lemony flavor and a host of benefits, including anxiety relief, digestive health support, and improved cognitive function. It’s a refreshing choice for a mental lift.

9. Echinacea

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Best known for its immune-boosting properties, echinacea tea can be a go-to during cold and flu season. Its earthy taste is a reminder of the herb’s natural potency in fighting off ailments.

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10. Sage

Terra cotta pot with fresh sage
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With its distinctive flavor, sage tea offers more than just culinary delight. It supports cognitive function, manages cholesterol, and maintains oral health, embodying the saying, “A sage in the garden is good for the soul.”

11. Rose Hip

Young Fresh Leaves Of Rose Hip Or Rosehip
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Packed with Vitamin C, rose hip tea is a champion of immune health and skin vitality. Its slightly tart, fruity flavor makes it a refreshing choice at any time of the day.

12. Dandelion

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Far from just a yard weed, dandelion tea is a liver supporter, a digestive aid, and a source of antioxidants. Its mild, earthy flavor is grounding and nourishing.

13. Licorice Root

Licorice roots
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Sweet and comforting, licorice root tea is a friend to your digestive system and can soothe a sore throat. Its anti-inflammatory properties are a bonus, offering relief and comfort in a cup.

14. Nettle

Plant nettle
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Nettle tea might not sound inviting, but it’s a natural antihistamine and pain reducer, making it a great choice for allergy sufferers or anyone looking to support blood pressure and pain management.

15. Fennel

fennel food
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Known for its licorice-like flavor, fennel tea is a digestive aid and anti-inflammatory. It also helps in managing blood pressure, making it a versatile herb for your tea collection.

16. Lemongrass

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Offering a citrusy zest, lemongrass tea is not just for flavor. It supports digestive health, has calming effects, and can help manage cholesterol, making it a bright and beneficial brew.

17. Mint

Mint Growth Stages

Apart from peppermint, other mint varieties also make for excellent teas. They aid in digestion, offer a refreshing flavor, and support oral health, making them a must-have for any tea enthusiast.

18. Turmeric


With its golden hue and earthy flavor, turmeric tea is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powerhouse. It’s also known to boost mood and support overall health, making it a vibrant and healing choice.

In exploring these 18 herbs, we find not just the flavors and aromas that make each cup of tea unique, but also the ancient wisdom and modern research that back up their health benefits. Whether you’re looking for a soothing nightcap, a refreshing morning brew, or a healing tonic, there’s a herb on this list for every tea lover’s need.

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