Lawn Mower Acts Like It’s Running Out Of Gas (Expert Advice)

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Lawn Mower Acts Like It's Running Out Of Gas

How you care for your lawn mower decides your readiness for the mowing season.

A lawn mower that acts like it’s running out of gas has been considered a common issue, and the most common reason for this is a blockage in the fuel filter. One of the ways you can quickly diagnose what is wrong with your lawn mower is to understand how it operates and ways to maintain it regularly.

A lawn mower won’t stay running if there is a problem with the carburetor, as this is an integral part of the lawn mower. Understanding how the lawn mower works for some people might be too technical and complex; however, you can stick to learning the causes of some of its common issues.

If your lawn mower acts like it is running out of gas, there is likely dirt in the carburetor. Lawn mowers do not have a fuel gauge to check whether it is out of gas; however, you can consider refilling it. If it still doesn’t start, the likely reason behind this could be an air gas-locked system, faulty carburetor, or contaminated gas.

The law mower comes in handy when tidying up your garden. It is known to be extremely efficient, and it is a staple when it comes to important garden equipment. With Proper maintenance, a lawn mown should last 8 to 10 years.

How LawnMowers Work

A lawn mower is a machine widely used worldwide for chopping, trimming, or mowing grass, lawns, fields, and garden. If your lawn mower acts like it’s running out of gas every time, then the first step to fixing this will be understanding how it is meant to work.

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A lawn mower has a blade that typically spins at 3000 revolutions per minute, and in that process, it slices the grass as it passes over it. Some lawn mowing blades are also designed to cut grass clippings into tiny pieces often used in mulch.

There are a couple of things that can prevent lawnmowers from working efficiently. The essential parts of lawnmowers that must be checked regularly are the gas tank and oil reservoir; the machine won’t stay running if any of these two is not filled. Other problems include improper fuel mixture, a dirty filter, or a dirty spark plug.

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Lawn Mower Acts Like It’s Running Out Of Gas Issues, Fixed

What do you do when your lawn mower acts like it’s running out of gas? This is a common question for many people with lawnmowers, and since the machine does not have a fuel gauge, it can be quite confusing.

First, you need to understand that your lawn mower needs regular care just like every other tool; however, after discovering there is still gas in the fuel tank, but it still acts up, let’s discover what could be wrong.

1. Inspecting The Fuel Filter

The fuel filter as the name implies, is meant to filter out impurities from your fuel and protect the components till it does what it should.

The fuel filter might have become clogged or damaged, so changing it should be on your maintenance checklist. If you have a transparent filter, you can try to see if it is a problem; if it is discolored; if it is, then it’s doing just fine.

However, some lawnmowers have irreplaceable fuel filters, but you can check with your lawn mowers manual to know where it is placed. Most lawnmowers are located inside the fuel tank or the fuel line.

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2. Faulty Carburetor

If the fuel filter does not seem to be the issue, then a faulty carburetor is another prevalent reason that a lawn mower acts like it is running out of gas. A bad carburetor gives many weird signals, and one of them is acting like it’s running out of gas. The carburetor is in charge of vaporizing the fuel at an exact level and also jetting fuel into the cylinder head.

What to do if the carburetor is faulty? You have to look at the bottom of the carburetor to see if there is any sign of damage or wear; it can be removed using a socket wrench to remove the bolt in the center of the bowl. Next, remove the center screw from the carb using a screwdriver.

Look for anything causing a blockage or signs of any obstruction, clean it properly, and ensure nothing is blocking the fuel flow before fixing back.

3. Gas is Contaminated

The gas is likely to be contaminated, which is why it keeps acting like it’s running out of gas. There could have been a simple mistake of putting something else other than fuel in the mower. Contamination can also happen from using old gas cans, so if you think the gas can be the issue, it is best to drain it and fill it with fresh ones.

Lawnmowers are more efficient and in top-notched shape, if you keep the gas fresh, it should be used within a month, and if you notice you don’t use it up in a month, you should consider getting a stabilizer in the gas can.

4. Check The Fuel Pump

While taking a look at the fuel filter, you might want to take a look at the fuel pump as well. You consider replacing the fuel pump as it is often the common cause of law mowers acting like it’s running out of gas.

Fortunately, removing and replacing the fuel pump is easy; you will need a set of pliers and a socket wrench.

Remove the connected hose clips using the pliers first, and take a socket wrench to remove the bolts that hold the fuel pump to the engine. After it’s removed, place the new fuel pump, install the bolts, and reattach the hoses; it should be good to go.

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5. Faulty Coil

A faulty coil is a worthy mention, although it’s hardly why a lawn mower can start acting like it’s running out of gas or won’t start. The coil of a lawn mower is commonly called the armature, and it’s what helps make the spark that ignites the gas inside the engine.

The coil has the potential of going bad, as they often do, and signs that it needs replacing if there are hot start problems. So, why might it have no link with our lawn mowers gas issue? You should check to see if it is still in top condition.

How to Make Lawn Mower More Efficient

just like some tricks and patterns can be adopted to make your lawn mower go faster, you can also make it more efficient. Also, on this note, it is recommended that you do not mow at a fast pace; mowing at a slow speed typically produces better results.

Here are simple tips that can be followed to keep your lawn mower working efficiently for years.

  • Checking and changing the oil regularly.
  • Keep the tank topped up.
  • Keep the filters clean.
  • Change your mower’s air filter if you have owned and used it for a very long time.
  • Keep a good spark plug, and keep the blades sharp.

Your lawn mower should only act like it’s running out of gas if it truly is, but the steps above should be taken when there is still gas in it. It will take going through each of the parts mentioned to figure out what is wrong with your lawn mower, which is why regular servicing is advised.

Defective parts of your lawn mower can also cause it to consume excessive gas, so make sure all old and damaged parts are replaced.

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