Will A 48″ Mower Fit In My Truck? (Must Read)

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Will A 48 Mower Fit In My Truck

The riding lawn mower is also referred to as the garden tractor and when loading it onto the back of your truck, you have to decide if it fits and how you can go about it. Figuring if your truck is large enough to fit in a 48” mower is as easy as measuring it, but they are some components you equally want to put into consideration.

Yes, a 48” mower will surely fit in your truck provided the trunk is not small and this can be done easily using arched-loaded amps. The curve should enable the mower to enter at an angle that will not allow the mower deck to catch on the lip of the tailgate which can make it impossible to load the mower, so the trick is to ensure that your truck can handle the weight and has enough space.

One of the ways you can transport a riding mower is to fit in your truck but anything larger than 50” really won’t fit. But since they do not measure the actual width of the whole machine, these numbers can be pretty misleading.

The process of loading a riding mower into your truck is not that difficult, you just have to ensure it fits. Can a lawn mower fit in a truck? How wide is a 48” mower? Will a 48” mower fit in my truck? Read on to find the answers to this.

Can A Lawn Mower Fit in A Truck?

Fitting your lawn mower in a truck is one of the most effective ways you can transport it from one place to the other. Loading a lawn mower into a truck is not impossible as long as it fits into the trunk. You will have to measure the area available before going out to purchase a lawn mower so you know if it can fit or not.

While the riding mower is a lot easier to fit in a truck, the same can be said for a zero-turn fit mower. There are many different types of zero-turn fit mowers and trucks, so there is no one answer to this. Since the actual width of the whole machine can’t be measured then the numbers can be a bit misleading.

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However, a truck bed does not have more than 50” between the width so you know that any lawn mower larger than that will not fit in. Before purchasing your lawn mower, figure out if your lawn mower has enough space and can handle the weight.

Will A 48" Mower Fit In My Truck?
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Will A 48″ Mower Fit In My Truck?

A 48” mower will be in your truck but you have to consider the space of your truck. The average riding lawn mower is between 48” and 63” wide with the discharge chute in the upright position. It is entirely safe to fit a 48” mower in a truck of 50” but that being said, you should measure the available area of your truck.

Most electric or push mowers will actually fit into the back of your truck without needing any disassembly unless the trunk is small. While a 48” mower will definitely fit in the truck, there will be an issue if the handle of the lawnmower can’t be folded then you might have to consider alternatives like a trailer or van.

A lawn mower of 44” inches or lower will definitely fit into most full truck beds and luckily, 48” will also fit into any regular pickup truck, you might just have to spend a lot of time maneuvering it into position and around tight corners.

If you will be transporting your lawn mower often, a truck is a really great choice of transportation. But in the absence of a truck and you plan on using a car, you can load the mower onto it using a metal ramp or strong plywood or with a metal loading ramp.

How to Load 48” Mower In The Truck

Loading a 48” mower of any type can be done easily with arched loading ramps. If your truck bed has precisely 48 inches of space between the wheels and wells then you might need a lawn mower that is at least 1 inch shorter such as 46” Follow the steps below to effortlessly load a 48” mower in your truck.

  1. First, the truck should be in the park position and the motor is turned off, then lower the tailgate
  2. Secure the loading ramps to the tailgate according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  3. Next, drive the lawnmower up the ramps but not onto them, you should then adjust the width of the ramps to match the width of the front tire, allowing the front tires to travel up the center of each ramp.
  4. To give the mower enough throttle so it does not kill the engine while you drive it up the gears, shift it into gear.
  5. Drive the mower up the ramps at a steady speed, pull it as far forward in the truck bed as possible but must not against the bed,
  6. Then, turn off the engine and set the parking brake on the mower. Remove the key so it does not dislodge while transporting it.
  7. Have the mower secured with ratchet straps, hook one end of the strap to the truck bed, run it around the tractor’s frame, and secure it to the other side of the truck bed.
  8. Lastly, close the tailgate and load the ramps into the bed of the truck, this way you can have them easily unloaded when you get to your destination.

Wrapping Up

It’s possible you have seen videos on loading lawnmowers onto trucks but do take note that this can be dangerous if it’s not done properly. Loading a 48” mower in a truck is a delicate matter and it will require you paring the correct ramp for your specific lawn mower.

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Be extremely careful when fitting any mower in your lawn. Make sure you follow the precautionary measures and maintenance rules. But if you are finding it difficult to move the lawnmower, consider hiring someone with a truck or trailer or a moving company.

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