17 Tulip Arrangement Ideas You’ll Love

Kasey Spencer
17 Tulip Arrangement Ideas You’ll Love

Tulips have been around since the 10th century, and it’s not surprising that it is one of the elusive blooms in the south where gardeners do not have the environment they need. Not only are tulips beautiful but the flowers have a strong presence which is why many people enjoy decorating with them.

Due to the delicate and slender stems, they can be quite finicky; however, florists have found a way to make the best of these flowers. Also, you will agree with me that Tulips make the best spring flowers for your decor.

There is no doubt that tulips are very versatile and go with every style, but it is hard to beat a bundle of tulips in a mix of colors. But do not worry. We have compiled 17 fantastic tulip arrangement ideas you will love.

Tulip Arrangement Ideas You’ll Love

Tulips happen to be one of the easiest flower arrangements. You can brighten any room with a vase full of this beauty, and you just have to ensure that the bloom is getting equal sunlight even after arranging. So, below are tulip arrangements that can highlight any room on its own or paired with other flowers.

1. The Delphine Spring Tulip Arrangement

The Delphine Spring Tulip Arrangement
Image: @moutanflowers // Instagram

This arrangement creates a beautiful, bright look that can fill any room with elegance and fascinating. This is actually simpler than it looks, it is a combination of deep burgundy lilac and mauve then complimented with clematis and hyacinths.

It is really stunning and not only does it beautify your home but makes a perfect Valentine’s Day bouquet.

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2. Pink Roses and Pink Tulips

Pink Roses and Pink Tulips
Image: @bautista.bouquets // Instagram

This arrangement is given a softer side with the shade of pink added to it. You can have this placed on your table as a centerpiece or on the windowsill to give you the perfect spring or Easter decoration. Not only is the arrangement cute, but the wrap style makes it even more unique.

3. Colorful Tulip Arrangement

Colorful Tulip Arrangement
Image: @blumencenter_peters // Instagram

There is just something fascinating about a bright tulip arrangement. It consists of a lovely collection of flowers that can be shown off anywhere in your home. The arrangement can further support their delicate frame.

4. Cabbage Centerpiece

Cabbage Centerpiece
Image: @Darling Darleen // Instagram

This combination is another way to welcome the spring and show off the beauty and delicate features of a tulip. This is the perfect example of how a table centerpiece should be, and it can surely impress guests.

5. Mason Jar Tulips

Mason Jar Tulips
Image: @blumencenter_peters // Instagram

Want to start the official tulip season in style? Here is another classic arrangement we love. Using this mason jar ensure the stability of your tulip, thereby helping it bloom.

6. Vintage Tulip Arrangement

Vintage Tulip Arrangement
Image: @bonniechasedesigns // Instagram

Tulips are really perfect for any sort of arrangement, they are fancy and are perfect for a vintage vibe. The vintage vessel accentuates this tulip flower arrangement thereby giving your centerpiece a timeless look.

7. Tulip in A Trio

Tulip in A Trio
Image: @thekitchen // Instagram

Nothing brings the freshness of spring indoor like this tulip arrangement. If you do not have this type of vase to keep the flower together, you can get three slender vases and group them together.

8. Tulip Bulbs Submerged

Tulip Bulbs Submerged
Image: @anarielroma // Instagram

We all love white tulips and to keep them fresh for a very long time, consider arranging them in water however have it placed in a place where it can get enough sunlight.

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9. Wicker Tulip Arrangement

Wicker Tulip Arrangement
Image: @yvonnezensner // Instagram

To create a full interesting centerpiece, here is a classic tulip arrangement worth trying. The wicker adds to the gorgeousness of this arrangement and not to worry, it will suppose the delicate stem.

10. Vintage Terracotta Tulip

Vintage Terracotta Tulip
Image: @cuckoofayrefinds // Instagram

This simple terracotta flower arrangement might be quite simple, but it is exquisite and will adorn any area it is placed. It gives a cute vintage vibe.

11. Silk Tulip Arrangement in Vase

Silk Tulip Arrangement in Vase
Source: Wayfair

Another tulip arrangement that takes a softer approach is this silk tulip in a vase. This is really beautiful and if you are not sure on getting the arrangement right, you can always get it from Wayfair.

12. Fanned Out Fall Tulip

Fanned Out Fall Tulip
Image: @s_i_g_i2019 // Instagram

If you like to create a bit of elegance in your arrangement, we have found the perfect one for you. This can be fanned out on your windowsill or even the sink in the bathroom.

13. Nest Tulip Arrangement

Nest Tulip Arrangement
Image: @tainavainiotalo // Instagram

For a tulip arrangement that stands out and makes a statement no matter the occasion, this nest tulip arrangement is the ideal choice. It is lots simpler to arrange than it looks.

14. Tulip Single Bough Pot

Tulip Single Bough Pot
Image: @lacquerchest // Instagram

To create an arrangement that can be easily moved around and would also impress guests, get a pair of the single bough pot and have a mixed of your favorite tulip colors, and you are good.

15. Tulips Mixed with a Spring Veggie

Tulips Mixed with a Spring Veggie
Source: Southern Living

For this tulip arrangement, you can work with any tulip color you prefer. It is no doubt very cute, and adding veggies is the best way to add some texture. The combo is fascinating and works for Easter decoration.

16. Double Tulips Arrangement

Tulips Mixed with a Spring Veggie
Image: @lil_mooms // Instagram

Double tulips in a vase is another one of our favorite ways to brighten up the tulip flower arrangement. Also, you can pair other greenery and flowers to make it even fancier.

17. Tulip Basket

Tulip Basket
Image: @bouquetdelicieux // Instagram

For a fun and colorful arrangement, you should work with a basket. There are lots of shapes and sizes when it comes to baskets, and you can also have your favorite tulip bloom in it or have it mixed with other flowers or veggies.

Most tulip arrangement do not require much to look beautiful, the key is to have a certain pattern or design in mind and go ahead to create a stunning bouquet from it.

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