The Best Ladder For Cleaning Gutters 2024: Tested & Trusted

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The Best Ladder For Cleaning Gutters

Cleaning gutters is one of the most critical tasks to ensure that your home is in a good and healthy state for a long time. However, this task requires reaching great heights and a ladder to get there. Many people leave this task undone because of fear of falling, which stems from getting the wrong ladder. Choosing the best ladder eliminates this fear, does the required tasks, and helps you save money. Here are some of the best ladders for cleaning gutters that guarantee safety, convenience, and stability we tested over the course of 2 months it took us to write this guide.

Louisville Ladder Fiberglass Extension Ladder

Louisville Ladder Fiberglass Extension Ladder

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Xtend & Climb 785P+ 15 1/2 Ft Technology Adjustable Ladder

Xtend & Climb 785P+ 15 1/2 Ft Technology Adjustable Ladder

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16.5FT Aluminum Telescoping Extension Ladder

16.5FT Aluminum Telescoping Extension Ladder

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Yvan Telescoping Ladder,12.5 FT

Yvan Telescoping Ladder,12.5 FT

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LUISLADDERS Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

LUISLADDERS Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

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Little Giant Ladders, Revolution with Ratchet Levelers

Little Giant Ladders, Revolution with Ratchet Levelers

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Ladder for Gutter Cleaning

Choosing the right ladder isn’t just about the height or type. It’s an amalgamation of various factors that, when combined, ensure safety, efficiency, and longevity. Here are the things to look at;

1. Height and Reach

It’s paramount to begin with the obvious – your ladder should allow you to reach your gutters comfortably without standing on the top rung (which is a safety no-no). As a rule of thumb, for a single-story house, a ladder that’s at least 17 feet will do.

For two stories, you’d want to look at ladders that are 24 feet or more. Remember, it’s always better to have a ladder slightly taller than you think you’d need. Better safe than sorry!

2. Stability and Safety

One of the most common reasons for ladder-related injuries is instability. Opt for ladders with a broad base and non-slip feet. A stabilizer bar can be a game-changer, especially when you’re leaning your ladder against the gutters.

The added stability ensures that the ladder doesn’t sway side to side, giving you the confidence to reach those tricky spots.

3. Material and Durability

The material of your ladder can significantly affect its lifespan and safety. Aluminum is lightweight and resists rust, making it a popular choice. However, a fiberglass ladder is safer if you’re working around electrical lines because it doesn’t conduct electricity. Wooden ladders might offer a rustic appeal, but they can be heavy and are susceptible to rot over time.

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Our new EBOOK shows newcomers and green thumbs alike a step by step guide to growing the garden of their dreams.

4. Weight and Portability

This one’s straightforward – if you can’t easily move your ladder around, you’ll likely tire quickly, and the job will take twice as long. Ladders with wheels or those made from lightweight materials can be advantageous, especially if you’re working solo.

5. Ladder Type

The world of ladders isn’t as simple as it seems. While step ladders are fantastic for height and stability, extension ladders allow you to reach higher places and can be adjusted to your desired height. Then, the multi-use or articulating ladder can be transformed into different configurations, making it incredibly versatile for various tasks around the house.

The best ladders for cleaning gutters

Now, I’ve climbed more ladders than I care to admit, often with a bucket in one hand and a brush in the other. In all my years, I’ve learned one indisputable truth – your safety and efficiency when cleaning gutters are as good as the ladder you’re standing on. Here are my best picks for the best ladders for cleaning gutters.

The Louisville brand has marked its place among other brands that create quality and safe ladders, and the reason isn’t far-fetched.

The FE3228 ladder gives you so much in just one product. Whether you need a ladder for residential, industrial, or commercial and, most importantly, gutter cleaning, this product will get the job done without stress.

This ladder is built to have D-shaped rungs and serrated surfaces and can handle up to 300 pounds of weight. With its 28-foot extension, it is high enough to get you to clean your gutter without stretching. It is designed to easily extend up to 3 times, ranging from 24 to 28 feet. We love the rubber treads and heavy-duty steel shoe that makes it safe to climb on.

Core Distribution, Inc. is known for making excellent telescoping ladders, and the Xtend and Climb Pro series 785P is another evidence of the spectacular work done. This madder is made with airplane-grade aluminum alloy, guaranteeing its strength, longevity, and lightweight.

The patented telescoping technology included further gives it more stability and makes it easy to move and keep. With each step of this ladder designed with rung locking and a double-over molded feet base, you are guaranteed optimum safety and comfort with each height you climb.

We love that it can handle 250 pounds of weight, and with a height of 15.5 ft, this ladder is guaranteed to meet the building gutters of some buildings. We love that it can adjust to as high as you’d love and is easily foldable for storage.

The WolfWise aluminum telescopic extension ladder is one of the most durable ladders. It is made of heavy-duty aluminum, and this is to ensure its stability. It has no slip ends and all of its steps and sections open and close easily. We love that each ladder’s area allows you to extend to about 1 foot higher.

This ladder can accommodate about 330 pounds of weight and extends to a height of 12 feet. You do not have to worry about hand pinching when using this ladder for cleaning your gutter, with a smart closing system that makes each step fall slowly and easily.

This ladder is known as one of the best ladders for cleaning gutter because it is easy to move around all thanks to its integrated carrying handle. Thanks to the heavy-duty strap that comes with it, it can be easily stored. 

The Ohuhu aluminum telescopic ladder is for you if you need the best ladder for cleaning gutters and one that is easy to move around. It has a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds and can extend to 12.5 feet, you don’t have to worry about not reaching your gutter.

We love that this ladder is made with premium aluminum alloy, assuring you of longevity and stability.  Unlike some other designs, it also has wider steps made to be slip-resistant and above all, easy to clean.

Some of our favorite features include the locking device and the non-marking rubber feet that ensure your stability on the ladder and keep the ladder from collapsing. Although this is one of the best ladders for cleaning gutters, it works excellently for other duties. 

We love this new luisladders aluminum telescopic ladder it compared to older versions of this brand product. This ladder is stronger and provides stability and safety. One way it ensures your safety is by indicating to users when the ladder is at a safe angle and stable enough to climb.

We also love that it is made with environmentally friendly materials, which further guarantees you the high performance of the ladder.

Each section of the ladder allows you an increase of up to 1 foot, and with an overall height extension of 12.5 feet, cleaning your gutter has never been easy! Although this product has a weight capacity of 330 pounds, it is not heavy and can be easily moved and stored.

Little Giants ladders are known for excellence, safety, and flexibility; with this product, you can be assured of getting all that. One of our favorite things about this ladder is that it is made with 6005-T5 aluminum material, which is the same as the material used for airplane construction.

The Little Giants boast a 300-pound weight capacity. However, we love that it remains lightweight and strong. We are excited about the new patented triple-locking hinge, which guarantees that you can easily convert this ladder to an A-frame, 90 degrees, and also use it as an extension ladder.

A feature that makes this ladder stand out as one of the best ladders for cleaning the gutter is the ratchet leveler. The ratchet leveler that comes with this ladder ensures stability and protects you from slipping when on the ladder.  We love the installed wheels that allow you to move the ladder from one place to another. 

Safety Tips for Using Ladders When Cleaning Gutters

Ladder safety is something I’ve preached and practiced throughout my career in lawn care. While it’s easy to get into the groove and want to speed through the job, taking a moment to ensure you’re following these safety protocols can make a world of difference.

Gutters can be cleaned and repaired, but it’s not worth risking injury.

Gutter ladder

1. Choosing the Right Location for Ladder Placement

This might sound like common sense, but it’s something I’ve seen overlooked many times. Always place your ladder on stable, level ground. Consider using ladder levelers if you’re dealing with a soft or uneven surface. Remember, a shaky start means a risky climb.

2. Proper Ladder Angling for Optimal Safety

Follow the 4-to-1 rule. For every 4 feet of ladder height, the base should be 1 foot away from the wall or surface it’s leaning against. This angle minimizes the chances of the ladder tipping backward or sliding outwards.

3. Using Ladder Stabilizers or Standoffs

I cannot stress this enough – if your ladder is leaning directly against your gutter, you risk damaging it. Ladder stabilizers ensure your ladder rests securely against your house, not the gutter, distributing weight evenly and preventing unsightly dents or damages.

4. Never Overreach – Always Move the Ladder

Stretching beyond an arm’s length when on a ladder is inviting danger. If you can’t comfortably reach an area, climb down and reposition the ladder. It might take an extra minute, but it’s infinitely safer.

5. Keeping a Three-Point Contact

Every ladder user should follow an essential rule. At all times, keep three parts of your body (two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand) in contact with the ladder. This ensures stability and minimizes the risk of falls.

Additional Tools to Aid in Gutter Cleaning

Over the years, I’ve realized that while a ladder is your main partner in the gutter cleaning process, having the right tools can make the task quicker, safer, and more efficient. Here’s a list of some handy equipment and tools that can elevate your gutter-cleaning game:

cleaning gutters

1. Gutter Cleaning Kits and Attachments

These specialized tool kits, often containing elongated brushes, scoops, and blower attachments, are designed to fit into gutters and remove debris efficiently. Some can even be attached to garden hoses or blowers, allowing you to wash away or blow out debris.

2. Telescopic Wands for Pressure Washer

If you’ve got a pressure washer, consider investing in a telescopic wand. This tool extends your reach, letting you blast away stubborn grime and debris from the gutters without always needing to climb the ladder. Just ensure you handle it with care; the force of the water can sometimes be surprising!

3. Gutter Scoops and Brushes

Simple yet incredibly effective, a good scoop and brush combo can help you manually clear out leaves, dirt, and silt from the gutters. Opt for a scoop that fits your gutter’s width to maximize efficiency.

4. Tongs or Grabbers

These tools work like an extended arm, allowing you to pick up and remove larger debris like twigs and leaves without always using your hands.

5. Gutter Guards or Mesh Screens

While not a cleaning tool per se, installing these can drastically reduce the amount of debris that gets into your gutters in the first place. Think of them as a preventive measure that can save you a lot of cleaning time in the long run.

6. Bucket or Waste Bags

Last but not least, you’ll need somewhere to deposit all that muck you’re clearing out. A simple bucket or waste bags attached to the ladder can make disposal a breeze.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best ladder for cleaning gutters is important, however, it can be tasking. Each of the ladders reviewed above provides a blend of durability, stability, effectiveness, and convenience, all to meet your needs and preferences.

A crucial thing to consider before purchasing a ladder is its height and its alignment with the height of your home. Buying the right ladder gives you confidence that your home will remain clean and healthy for less cost. 

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