21 Full Sun Landscaping Ideas

Kasey Spencer
21 Full Sun Landscaping Ideas

Full sun landscaping ideas for homeowners often sound confusing, but if you do not have a green thumb, this is one of the easiest yard designs to implement. Living in a sunny area has quite a lot of advantages but it also comes with equal disadvantages, one of them is that keeping your yard well landscaped can become quite difficult which is why the best landscape layout is important.

Choosing a landscape that can easily help curb the amount of sunlight your yard will be getting is one of the ideal ways you can keep your plants and grass from getting sun damaged. A sunny yard isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Browse below full sun landscaping ideas that help turn your backyard into a resilient water oasis.

Full Sun Landscaping Ideas

Keeping your lawn thriving when you have a sunny yard can be quite challenging and the heat can be too intense for your plants as well. So, here are 21 landscaping ideas for an overly sunny yard.

1. Plant Tall Trees

Full Sun Landscaping Ideas
Image: @@daighrick.la // Instagram

Building trees in your yard is one of the best landscape ideas and it is also perfect when you need to prevent full sun from damaging your lawn. This full sun tree planting landscape also enables you to enhance yard beauty with some seasonal trees. Trees no doubt play a pivotal role in full-sun landscaping.

2. Pave Stone Patio Design

Pave Stone Patio Design
Image: @sunny.pavers // Instagram

Going for pavers and gravel stone instead of lawns can help beautify your yard landscape and also these are considered to be heat tolerant compared to other types of ground material. However, you have to pair this with heat-tolerant plants to avoid them wilting out constantly.

3. Spring Flower Garden Landscape Design

Spring Flower Garden Landscape Design
Image: @formation_landscapes // Instagram

Spring is always a time to plant all flowers and plants of choice and there is no reason to give up on that due to the full sun in your yard, simple have it all paired together. This design creates a landscape that would require minimal water, and adding a seat setting can provide an interesting hardscape element.

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4. Cottage Flowerbed Landscape

Cottage Flowerbed Landscape
Image: @mylavenderroselife // Instagram

Rather than worry so much about your plants and lawn getting sun damaged, you can simply go for the cottage landscape design which keeps the whole yard safe from direct glare from the sun. While your plants and lawn will still get the necessary amount of sunlight.

5. Terrace Full Sun Landscaping

Terrace Full Sun Landscaping
Image: @settingforfour // Instagram

Here is another fascinating full-sun landscape that never ceases to grab attention. Having a terraced landscape is perfect for outdoor breakfast. Also, it can easily take the heat, unlike your plants.

6. Roof Garden Landscape

Roof Garden Landscape
Image: @alandscapearchitect // Instagram

This is an excellent country full sun landscape idea. This will not only keep your flowers blooming but can be used in separating important places from the sun. However, ensure you choose plants and flowers that can withstand the harsh sun.

7. Pond Landscape Design

Pond Landscape Design
Image: @abladeofgrass_llc // Instagram

The pond is another excellent idea for a full-sun landscape design. Also, you can always make sure your plants have enough water and do not become dehydrated.

8. Gravel Landscape Design

gravel landscape
Image: @yarrow_home // Instagram

Rather than go with a grass lawn, you can settle for gravel instead, this can help stabilize the soil, and also it can withstand the heat of the midday sun. This is an inexpensive structure.

9. Choose Heat Tolerant Plant

Choose Heat Tolerant Plant
Image: @andymurraylandscapedesign // Instagram

The bright days of summer will only end up being too harsh on fragile plants hence it is highly recommended that you choose plants that are heat tolerant hence they can thrive all through the summer.

10. Detailed Landscape

Detailed Landscape
Image: @barriga_landscape // Instagram

Another way you can prevent the full sun from hitting your yard in full mode is to design with attention to detail. This includes having plants, trees, shades, and practically everything a full landscape should have.

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11. Create A Patio Nook

Create A Patio Nook
Image: @sunny.pavers // Instagram

You can also go ahead and create a secluded patio nook that can serve as a shade for you in the hot sun. A patio sure comes in handy during summer.

12. Beautiful Shrub Angled Landscape

Beautiful Shrub Angled Landscape
Image: @lcgdmelbourne // Instagram

This surely takes the full sun landscape to a whole different exciting level. This shrub garden is absolutely beautiful, and the landscape is the ideal choice for keeping full sun from hitting your yard directly. It is no doubt a stunning landscape.

13. Full Landscape Border

Full landscape with border
Image: @greenerbaylandscaping // Instagram

Full landscape can be so much fun and beautiful if it is designed the right way. Creating a border on a full landscape will not only help provide some privacy but also one of the best ways to keep your plants thriving and away from the harsh sun.

14. Umbrellas and Pergolas

Umbrellas and Pergolas
Image: @thelandscapelibrary // Instagram

You can just go ahead and create a landscape with a pergola and umbrella so you can worry less about the sun. This is also a modern landscape idea for any home decor.

15. A Tower of Plants

A Tower of Plants
Image: @garden_lover_dj // Instagram

Tall plants can provide good shade for the smaller plants and also they are known to be more sun-loving. Choosing taller plants also can provide structure for your garden and yard.

16. Frame With Trees and Topiaries

Frame With Trees and Topiaries
Image: @edenrowegardens // Instagram

If your garden gets the blazing hot sun throughout the summer months then it’s time to invest in some tall trees and also to enhance the structure of your landscape, add some topiaries to it.

17. Create A Desert Backyard

Create A Desert Backyard
Image: @dfl_az // Instagram

A desert garden or backyard might just be the perfect option for you if you are a laid-back gardener. This type of landscape involves planting cacti and succulents since they thrive in hot and dry environments. Also, they can provide some color to your yard.

18. Vertical Garden Landscape

Vertical Garden Landscape
Image: @sunny.pavers // Instagram

A vertical garden is one of the best garden options, and it complements a full sun landscape perfectly too. This type of landscape can be particularly beneficial for sun-loving plants.

19. Fruit and Vegetable Garden

Herb and Vegetable Garden
Image: @homeonanashvillehill // Instagram

If you want an easy garden to care for and an inexpensive landscape, one way to do that is to throw veggies and fruits together. Simply choose fruits and vegetables that require 6 to 8 hours of sunlight, and you will be creating a stunning and functional backyard landscape.

20. Bend In The Bed

Bend In The Bed
Image: @regalbutolandscaping // Instagram

Sunny landscape can be trouble when you are trying to grow delicate plants, however, this can be settled easily by bending the garden bed. Raised beds warm up faster in a full sun landscape so go for a bent option such as this to provide shade for your plants.

21. Incorporate Hardscaping Elements

Incorporate Hardscaping Elements
Image: @mcneill_photography // Instagram

Incorporating hardscaping is another full-sun landscaping idea that is functional and also impressive. This is a method that involves designing with non-living elements such as a patio, pathways, and even hard rocks. Hardscape elements can withstand the full sun without deteriorating and a segment that gets less sun can easily be dedicated to plants.

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