22 Gravel Patio Ideas to Copy

Kasey Spencer
22 Gravel Patio Ideas to Copy

Outdoor patios are fast circulating in trend and this can be attributed to the fact that it offers a comfortable living space for family and friends to relax and enjoy. And just like your outdoor space, the patio needs some seasonal spruce and the gravel patio idea has been discovered to be an excellent addition to any home.

A gravel patio can easily transform your backyard into an extension of your living room thereby giving you a space to relax outdoors or enjoy grilling with friends during summer. To prepare you for summer, we have compiled 22 gravel patio ideas to copy for you.

The Best Gravel Patio Ideas to Copy

One of the advantages of going for a gravel patio is that you can design it whichever way you want either alone or mixed with other stone aggregate. Gravel patio offers ease when it comes to installing and it offers multiple purposes. So, check out the list of inviting gravel patios below for inspiration.

1. Stylish Loose Gravel Patio

Stylish Loose Gravel Patio
Image: @frengpartyof6 // Instagram

This is one of the iconic sought-after patio ideas out there, the style is quite easy to copy and it is also quite stylish. The gravel surrounds the patio furniture setting while the patio area is leveled which gives a neutral decor idea. Loose gravel creates an excellent spot for relaxation.

2. Sunken Gravel Patio Design

Sunken Gravel Patio Design
Image: @ladylandscape // Instagram

When looking for a gravel patio that offers refreshing comfort at any time of the day and any season, this is an ideal option. This is a perfect match for any modern house design and it allows you to surround it with a garden of your choice.

3. Simple Fall Fire Patio Decor

Simple Fall Fire Patio Decor
Image: @carterfamilyranchhome // Instagram

To create a simple patio decor just like this, you won’t need much to get it together and also the fire pit is perfect for fall. You can substitute this wood chair for more comfy ones.

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4. Gravel Rustic Patio

Gravel Rustic Patio
Image: @thelongawaitedhome // Instagram

Here is a paver-edged patio surrounded by a garden which is another fascinating choice of patio for any season. This gravel patio is also a perfect spot for taking some amazing gram pictures or enjoying breakfast with family.

5. Spring Gravel Patio Decor

Spring Gravel Patio Decor
Image: @lucysgardenlife // Instagram

If you are wondering how to make your patio fitting for spring then here is a decor idea that works perfectly. This is an easy and inexpensive backyard patio idea that works for any landscape design.

6. Cozy Patio Seating

Cozy Patio Seating
Image: @backyardhamlet // Instagram

Here is another loose gravel style for creating a cozy patio seating. This patio makes chilly nights fun as you can sit closely around the fire pit while you enjoy some cozy time with friends and family.

7. Turfed Free Patio Yard

Turfed Free Patio Yard
Image: @land__art__design // Instagram

A simple rustic gravel patio is not one to go wrong in your backyard. This design and gravel type holds heat very well, thereby providing a place for them to warm themselves in the morning sun. The charming wicker chair also ensures you have a nice time relaxing outdoors.

8. Small Space Gravel Patio

Small Space Gravel Patio
Image: @erinlaudesign // Instagram

Having a small space does not set a limit to having a gravel patio. An easy design like this works perfectly for narrow spaces. You simply have to fill the ground with gravel to encourage proper drainage and go for simple rustic furniture just like this or wicker chairs.

9. Casual Gravel Patio

Casual Gravel Patio
Image: @rayvenbreannecam // Instagram

Want to have a lazy picnic day outdoors or simply read some book comfortably? This is one of the best casual gravel patio decor ideas to go for. The cool blue chairs are casual, but it’s a setting that can save you a reasonable amount of money, and it is perfectly paired with this fire pit.

10. Concrete Paver and Black Gravel Patio

Concrete Paver and Black Gravel Patio
Image: @myslice_of_heaven // Instagram

The black gravel idea is one you can go for when you are bored with the plain-looking patios. This sure spice things up and the concrete addition adds some fun and calm feel to it.

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11. Cottage Patio Idea

Cottage Patio Idea
Image: @our1854ivycottage // Instagram

To set up a fancy patio without having to go overboard with expenses, a simple colored gravel like this with a farmhouse table setting can do the trick. Go for comfortable chairs like this to enable you to spend more time outdoors.

12. Mid-Century Gravel Patio

Mid-Century Gravel Patio
Image: @mshavishan // Instagram

Here is another way you can create a gravel patio you will enjoy sitting in. This type of patio design creates a depth and dimension some homeowners enjoy. The choice of plants should help bring colors in.

13. Charming White Gravel Patio

Charming White Gravel Patio
Image: @centralvalleybuilders // Instagram

A charming white gravel patio design like this is another excellent way to create an exciting fun outdoor space. This is a setting that is perfect for hangouts and grilling.

14. Structured Gravel Patio Design

Structured Gravel Patio Design
Image: @repurposeandupcycle // Instagram

Choosing a well-structured patio design like this enables you to have enough space and options for various outdoor activities. This is quite an interesting outdoor patio and the design is a classy choice for any modern home decor.

15. Vintage Rustic Idea

Vintage Rustic Idea
Image: @kissmyaster // Instagram

Pea sand gravel has been used for the ground of this patio which is a viable option if you have pets that would be lying down often. It also features a relaxing wicker vintage chair to ensure you can have a nice comfortable time outdoors.

16. Pergola Gravel Patio

Pergola Gravel Patio
Image: @haybenno_hbh // Instagram

This type of patio is also easy to install however adding a pergola is the only part that would consume time and effort. The wood pergola creates an earthy rustic vibe and it is paired with the bohemian swinging chair to make it more visually pleasing.

17. Pebble Gravel Design With Stock tank Pool

Pebble Gravel Design With Stock tank Pool
Image: @southernturftx // Instagram

Create a study surface using large pebble gravel and you can go ahead and get that stock tank pool you have always wanted. A lounge wood chair is quite fitting for this as the water splash might ruin a sofa.

18. Cozy Aggregate Patio Design

Cozy Aggregate Patio Design
Image: Noting Grace

Here is another inexpensive grave patio design. While this does look luxurious, it is budget-friendly to put together and the overall finished look gives the sophisticated patio you can’t help but love.

19. Plant Shade Pergola Gravel Decor

Plant Shade Pergola Gravel Decor
Image: @cove.house // Instagram

Shade pergola decor is a perfect idea for winter. Also, the shade creates an ultimate vibe, and pairing it with a farmhouse bench gives it a cottage vibe.

20. Exterior Gravel Design With Patio Deck

Exterior Gravel Design With Patio Deck
Image: @bishop_katie // Instagram

The whole of this patio is designed to offer you comfort and also be suitable for some outdoor fun with friends. It’s a perfect summer patio and while the gravel only occupies the outer parts of the patio deck, it does highlight the beauty of the patio more.

21. Farmhouse Patio Design

Farmhouse Patio Design
Image: @thenoblecottage // Instagram

Farmhouse patios no doubt come with their structured design and this can be fascinating. The style enables you to go with rattan chairs and also add some lights to brighten up the place and create a balance.

22. Minimalist Patio With Plants Design

Minimalist Patio With Plants Design
Image: @jensinkpen // Instagram

Garden patios are really beautiful, no matter the choice of furniture you choose to go with. Also, this is a good example of a minimalist patio with a fire pit and crushed gravel design. The entire backyard patio decor provides unique beauty even with the unfinished overall look it gives.

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