21 Roadside Farm Stand Ideas to Stand Out

Kasey Spencer
Roadside Farm Stand Ideas

A roadside farm stand is an important structure for displaying all of your agricultural produce, and it doesn’t have to be plain or look overly dramatic, either. Roadside farm stands can be a major source of income for farmers by attracting customers to your wares.

Another reason roadside farm stands are vital is that they can function effectively for most of the growing season. With an excellent roadside farm stand, you can easily display your surplus garden products occasionally.

Also, for country landowners who desire to way to supplement their income, selling produce from their farms can be a great idea. Roadside farm stands have been around for generations, and we have rounded up the best ones for you.

Cool Roadside Farm Stand Ideas

When it comes to roadside farm stands, everyone has their preference. Hence, to ensure you are off to a great start, we have rounded up some amazing roadside farm stand ideas that stand out.

1. Simple Shelf Roadside Farm Stand

Simple Table Roadside Farm Stand
Image: @trisha_tendingtohome // Instagram

Your choice of roadside farm stand does not have to be huge or shop-like, it can be a simple shelf cart for displaying your farm produce easily. This shelf farm stand is easy on the eyes and will likely show off your fresh products better.

2. Walk-In Shed

Walk-In Shed
Image: @sweetwaterfloral // Instagram

If you are looking for a roadside farm stand that is a bit stable, a walk-in shed is a perfect idea. This is cute and sturdy.

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3. Truck Farm Stand

Truck Farm Stand
Image: Team Flower

If you are planning to sell some flowers or need a farm stand that is simple and can easily be used for large plants, a truck farm stand is an excellent choice.

4. Cute Mail Post Farm Stand

Cute Mail Post Farm Stand
Image: @eggcartonsdotcom // Instagram

This is quite small, but it’s a cute choice for displaying your eggs and makes a great temporal roadside farm stand in many states.

5. Farm Stand Plus Milk Shed

Farm Stand Plus Milk Shed
Image: @zwackfamilyfarm // Instagram

This is another roadside farm stand structure that will be considered perfect for displaying your farm produce. This is designed to house the milk fridge, so your customers can have self-serve right there.

6. Charming Old Truck Bed Farm Stand

Charming Old Truck Bed Farm Stand
Image: charmonthefarmgirl

If you have an old truck bed you have no idea what to do with it, here is one that can give you a beautiful roadside farm stand and a place to display your products.

7. Mobile Farm Stand

Mobile Farm Stand
Image: @elderflatfarm // Instagram

Mobile farm stand gives you a chance you move your goods anywhere at any time. Also, it is fascinating and convenient for where there is traffic.

8. Home Stead Farm Stand

Home Stead Farm Stand
Image: @perennialhomestead // Instagram

Many homesteaders and farm owners find this to be a cool convenient roadside farm stand for self-service, you don’t have to be there all the time, and it is quite sturdy for any season.

9. Shelves Roadside Farm Stand

Shelves Roadside Farm Stand
Image: @vtmillennialhomesteaders // Instagram

This structure is ideal when you need something simple. You can add more shelves depending on how much space you need.

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10. Cottage Farm Stand

Cottage Farm Stand
Image: @downshilohroad // Instagram

Next on the list is this cottage farm stand. It is an ideal choice if there isn’t much space for your farm stand, and you have to add as many shelves as you need.

11. Large Box Farm Stand

Large Box Farm Stand
Image: @homefarmfamily // Instagram

Having a large box farm stand on the roadside is not only perfect for displaying any goods, but it is also easily accessible for customers and makes a very comfortable and convenient quick stop for cars and passersby.

12. Flower Cart Roadside Stand

Flower Cart Roadside Stand
Image: @fairestflowers // Instagram

Here is another roadside farm stand that will be getting lots of attention. This is adorable and can be easily wheeled to your location of choice.

13. Barn Roadside Farm Stand

Barn Roadside Farm Stand
Image: @hannahatthegardens // Instagram

This is another super portable farm stand that works for any location. You can have this placed in the garden or front yard.

14. Farm Stand Shed With Shelves

Farm Stand Shed With Shelves
Image: @homefarmfamily // Instagram

If you are planning to run a self-service type of roadside farm stand, then here is a cool choice to go for. The plenty shelves let you sell as much produce as you want.

15. Hoop House Farm Stand

Hoop House Farm Stand
Image: @homefarmfamily // Instagram

While the location of your farm stand has to be simple, you should also choose a farm stand that can work with any location. Here is an excellent choice, especially when you want to make your wares accessible.

16. Local Roadside Farm Stand

Local Roadside Farm Stand
Image: @dccitygirl // Instagram

A roadside farm stand should make it easy for your customers to get the things they need. So, if you are looking to display lots of farm produce, here is a good choice of farm stand.

17. Crates Farm Stand

Crates Farm Stand
Image: @ rootsandbootshome // Instagram

You will be surprised how awesome crates are for setting up a roadside farm stand. However, this is best for a manning farm stand.

18. Table Farm Stand

Table Farm Stand
Image: @homefarmfamily // Instagram

A table might look too simple for a roadside farm stand, but it is convenient, and it is likely to get attention, although it won’t be as comfortable as building a farm stand.

19. Birch Bay Farm Stand

Birch Bay Farm Stand
Image: @smallshops // Instagram

A farm stand that lets you run self-service or a manned store. You can have a cash box included and find a way to keep track of your inventory.

20. Veggie Roadside Stall

Veggie Roadside Stall
Image: @alhardyswanton // Instagram

While any type of stand can be used for displaying your veggies, you should go for one that can help retain the freshness. This stall provides a modern way to display your veggies and keep them fresh as well.

21. Honor System Farm Stand

Honor System Farm Stand
Image: @jatanainteriors // Instagram

A Manned farm stand has been around for quite a while and most local farmers find them fascinating and easy. This is one of the roadside farm stands many people know. Also, it is called an honor system farm stand to indicate that the customers are trusted to pick what they want and drop the money.

There will be signs on the stall or the road to inform you of each product’s price. While modern ways to display farm produce have been introduced, using a farm stand remains refreshing and fun.

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