33 Small Garden Ideas You Can Copy Today

Kasey Spencer
Small Garden Ideas You Can Copy Today

How do you plan for a small garden? Outdoor gardens and houseplants are amazing ways to make your house feel like a home, but if there isn’t much space, or you are trying not to break the budget, it can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are lots of affordable ways you can reinvent your outdoor space including a balcony, backyard, and front gardens.

Decorating a small landscape is easier than you think. You can create a simple and stylish small garden with the list of small garden ideas we have rounded up for you. Small gardens have a way of making you realize all your flowers and veggies growing ambitions.

Even a little creativity can go a long way regarding small gardens. So, whether you want to curb your gardening appeal, elevate your small backyard, or even brighten up your nation, we have curated the best small garden ideas you can copy today.

Small Garden Ideas

Reinventing your outdoor space is a lot easier than you think. A small garden has been discovered to be a great way to create a garden that suits your style and personality. So, below are 33 small gardens that can help your outdoor space thrive.

1. Around The House Modern Garden

Around The House Modern Garden
Image: @gardening.magics // Instagram

You do not need a space to create an amazing garden. Here is a clever way to manage the space available and still have an amazing garden. It allows you to plant various plants and veggies that are companions with each other. It is also a great garden option for beginners.

2. Arch Trellis Garden

Arch Trellis Garden
Image: @beccagrowsstuff // Instagram

To create a dreamy garden where there isn’t much space available, a trellis is the ideal option. A trellis garden is charming and perfect for gardeners. Also, it works for all kinds of garden you have in mind.

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3. Raised Bed Garden

Raised Bed Garden
Image: @thekiwihome // Instagram

Using a tall planter like this to create a raised bed garden will not only give you a cute fancy garden but also very ideal for saving space. This lets you create a small, cute garden without compromising on your style.

4. Container Garden

Container Garden
Image: @mycountrycottage // Instagram

Looking for a small cottage garden? Using terracotta pots can help you create a simple, gorgeous garden. You can go ahead and combine veggies and flowers.

5. Wheelbarrow Garden

Wheelbarrow Garden
Image: @1870farm // Instagram

A wheelbarrow garden might seem tricky to plant at first, but it’s a great choice for a small garden. Simply turn your old wheelbarrow into a rustic flower garden, however, do drill a few holes in the bottom for drainage.

6. Birdhouse Garden

Birdhouse Garden
Image: @steviebanddanad // Instagram

To create a birdhouse garden, you won’t need much space and if you already own a birdhouse, this can be even more simple. Add lots of hanging plants to help manage space while planting as many flowers and veggies as you want.

7. Formal Flower Tray Garden

Formal Flower Tray Garden
Image: @garden_lover_dj // Instagram

You will be surprised how really cute the flower tray garden can be. So, when you are short of backyard space, this is a cool option, it can be in the front or backyard.

8. Small English Garden

Small English Garden
Image: @gardenplanning // Instagram

A narrow small garden can feel tricky but with this to inspire you, pretty hard for something to go wrong. You can pair tall bulbs with some climbers to give them height.

9. Walled Garden

Walled Garden
Image: @katecoulson // Instagram

Here is another small garden idea you can go for. This is easy to create when there is no room in your backyard. This gives you the ambiance of fun and a cute backyard for grilling.

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10. Courtyard Garden

Courtyard Garden
Image: @small_magical_gardens // Instagram

If you like a garden that can double as an aesthetic design for your outdoor space. This is an ideal option. This is an adorable garden that works for anyone, including beginners.

11. Small Cottage Garden

Small Cottage Garden
Image: @oaktreecottage17 // Instagram

For a long flowering season, this is a small garden that is suitable for adding greenery and growing all kinds of season flowers at once.

12. Path Garden Design

Path Garden Design
Image: @docleaves // Instagram

A path garden is more interesting to design than it looks. It has different areas and sections that let you manage and break down the space.

13. Structural Garden Design

Structural Garden Design
Image: @thedistinctivegardener // Instagram

You do not need much garden space to create this stunning backyard garden. It is quite adorable.

14. Front Yard Garden

Front Yard Garden
Image: @chipsgardens // Instagram

Here is another small practical garden that can give any kind of flower or veggie opportunity to grow without any issues. This will also make your front yard look aesthetically pleasing.

15. Corner Garden Design

 Corner Garden Design
Image: @greenbank_interiors // Instagram

The corner garden is more beautiful than many people consider it to be. Also, it is ideal for shade-loving plants.

16. Rustic Ladder Garden

Rustic Ladder Garden
Image: @hearts_at_claremont // Instagram

No room to plant your favorite plants? No reason to worry, we all have an old ladder lying in the garage, all you have to do is revamp it a bit and plant adorn it with your plants. It is simple and cool.

17. Vertical Fence Garden

Vertical Fence Garden
Image: @bettys_home_withsoul // Instagram

Transform your fence with flower baskets. This is a budget-friendly garden option. You really can’t go wrong with the plants you choose to mix for this small garden.

18. Pots And Courtyard Garden

Pots And Courtyard Garden
Image: @thegardeningkind // Instagram

If you are looking to beautify your courtyard, this is one of the perfect ways to do that. It allows you to define and accent your garden to fit your home decor.

19. Ladder And Container Garden

 Ladder And Container Garden
Image: @lifeoutsideforme // Instagram

You do not have to give up on any plant you desire in your garden, you can always go for the ladder and container garden. This allows you to plant all you want without compromising on space.

20. Outdoor Dining Garden Setting

Outdoor Dining Garden Setting
Image: @thedistinctivegardener // Instagram

Another way to create a small garden without giving up on any plant of choice is to do something simple at the back of your outdoor dining space. This can simply define the seating space and still look great.

21. Incorporate A Water Bowl

Incorporate A Water Bowl
Image: @docleaves // Instagram

Another way to effortlessly create an interesting small garden space is to incorporate a water bowl or a pond. You can create a garden path along the water bowl or around it.

22. Pallet Garden

Pallet Garden
Image: @greenbank_interiors // Instagram

You really can’t go wrong with a pallet garden. It is simple and also budget-friendly.

23. Elegant Knot Garden

Elegant Knot Garden
Image: @garden_lover_dj // Instagram

This also turns out well when you want a calm garden or just want a dedicated place to show off your flowers.

24. Small Topiary Garden

Small Topiary Garden
Image: @annasgardens // Instagram

While we are more familiar with large topiary gardens and seeing this shows that a small topiary garden can be just as adorable as any small garden.

25. Small Tropical Garden

Small Tropical Garden
Image: @climbldn // Instagram

A tropical garden makes sure you have all the necessary fun that comes with maintaining and owning a garden. It can be a perfect relaxing spot.

26. Eclectic Pallet Garden

Eclectic Pallet Garden
Image: @banish_the_beige // Instagram

Check out another garden that plays well for any kind of plants. You will simply need some patio furniture and containers.

27. Narrow Space Garden Idea

Narrow Space Garden Idea
Image: @small_magical_gardens // Instagram

Creating a garden along a narrow path can be so much fun. Some plants like spring onions and chard enjoy growing this way.

28. Small Indoor Garden

Small Indoor Garden
Image: @kimjian // Instagram

Indoor gardens are the current rave right now. They are another way to make use of space and cultivate a budget-friendly garden.

29. Hanging Plant Garden

Hanging Plant Garden
Image: @yuki_home_greens // Instagram

To break up some of your plants and avoid making it all look untidy, go for hanging pots. This is perfect for a small indoor garden.

30. Rectangle Veggie Garden

Rectangle Veggie Garden
Image: @bodyfx_yogami // Instagram

When it comes to a rectangular garden, there are quite a few ways you can make it interesting. You can choose to add a circular paving or even break up the linear layout.

31. Wood Container Garden

Wood Container Garden
Image: @ginas_flower_garden // Instagram

Make your garden look wider by choosing a wood container such as this. However, ensure that you choose plants that will grow well in wood containers.

32. Small Urban Greenhouse Garden

Small Urban Greenhouse Garden
Image: @gardening__greener // Instagram

The appeal of a greenhouse can’t be denied. It gives you enough room to plant as much as you, also you can easily separate plants that shouldn’t be together without compromising on space. Create an impact in the garden by repeating elements.

33. Small Luxury Garden

Small Luxury Garden
Image: @idreamhouse // Instagram

Going for a small garden does not mean it can’t be luxurious. Even the tiniest space can be made into something as stunning as this. A bookshelf has been repurposed into a garden instead, and it is without any doubt really beautiful. This can be placed in the office or anywhere in the home.

One way to make a small garden pop is to keep it simple and appealing by choosing colorful containers and making sure it is big enough for two or more plants. Do not forget to add some outdoor lights, choose vibrant flowers, and regularly maintain your garden.

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