20 Fast-Growing Flowers for Impatient Gardeners

Kasey Spencer
20 Fast-Growing Flowers for Impatient Gardeners

There’s something deeply rewarding about sowing seeds and witnessing the quick emergence of vibrant flowers that fill our spaces with color and life. Today, I’m thrilled to share with you a guide that’s all about speed—specifically, fast-growing flowers that bring instant gratification to your gardening efforts.

In our bustling world, not everyone has the luxury of time to wait for slow bloomers. Whether you’re a beginner looking to make your first foray into gardening or a seasoned green thumb seeking to add a splash of color to your garden in record time, this guide is for you. We’ll explore 20 flowers that not only grow quickly but also thrive in a variety of conditions, ensuring that no matter your climate or space, you’ll find something that suits your garden perfectly.

Gardening is not just about patience; it’s also about smart choices. By selecting the right flowers, you can enjoy a blooming garden that rewards you with immediate beauty and satisfaction. So, let’s gear up for a journey through a selection of flowers that promise to make your garden a vibrant oasis without the long wait.

The Top 20 Fast-Growing Flowers for Your Garden

1. Marigolds

Marigolds with green stem
Marigolds with green stem

Marigolds are a gardener’s dream for adding a quick splash of color to any garden space. With their rapid germination and blooming cycle, they offer hues of gold, orange, and yellow that seem to capture the very essence of sunshine.

2. Sunflowers

Image: Envato Elements

The towering presence of Sunflowers, reaching for the sky with their large, sunny faces, can transform a garden in just a few short weeks. They’re not just a visual treat; they also attract pollinators like bees and birds, adding life to your garden.

3. Zinnias

Image: Envato Elements

Zinnias are the workhorses of a vibrant summer garden, blooming prolifically from early summer until the first frost. Available in a rainbow of colors, they’re perfect for cutting gardens or as a cheerful border.

4. Nasturtiums

Nasturtiums flower

Nasturtiums bring beauty and function to the garden with their peppery-flavored blooms. These versatile flowers are as at home in vegetable gardens as they are cascading from containers.

5. Cosmos

Pink cosmos
Image: Envato Elements

Cosmos are the stars of the late summer garden, with delicate, feathery foliage and flowers that dance in the breeze. They’re incredibly easy to grow from seed, offering a simple way to fill gaps with grace.

6. Sweet Peas

Sweet peas flower

The intoxicating fragrance of Sweet Peas is unparalleled. These fast climbers can cover a trellis with soft, ruffled flowers in pastel shades, making every visit to the garden a sensory delight.

7. Morning Glories

Morning glory flowers
Image: Envato Elements

Morning Glories are the sprinters of the climbing world, quickly covering fences and trellises with vivid blooms that greet the morning sun.

8. California Poppies

California Poppies
Image: Envato Elements

These resilient beauties thrive in challenging conditions, bringing a cheerful splash of color to even the most arid garden spots. Their silky, cup-shaped flowers are a beacon of vitality.

9. Petunias

Image: Envato Elements

Petunias are a staple for gardeners looking for continuous color throughout the summer. Their trumpet-shaped flowers come in almost every shade and pattern imaginable.

10. Snapdragons


With their distinctive dragon-shaped flowers and cool-weather preference, Snapdragons add height and interest to early spring and fall gardens.

11. Bachelor Buttons

Bachelor Buttons

Also known as Cornflowers, Bachelor Buttons sport vivid blue blooms that add a wildflower feel to the garden. They’re drought tolerant and make excellent cut flowers.

12. Alyssum

Image: Envato Elements

The honey-scented flowers of Alyssum create a fragrant carpet of white, pink, or purple. It’s perfect for softening edges and filling in gaps with a frothy texture.

13. Impatiens


Brighten up shady spots with the cheerful hues of Impatiens. They flourish without direct sunlight, offering a lush palette of colors where few other flowers can thrive.

14. Pansies


Cool-weather favorites that grow rapidly. Pansies are the charmers of the cool season, with their heart-shaped, overlapping petals and wide range of colors. They’re perfect for early spring and fall when other flowers might shy away.

15. Lavender

Image: Envato Elements

Aromatic and drought-resistant, quick to establish. Lavender not only adds a serene beauty and calming fragrance to gardens but is also remarkably drought-resistant, making it a favorite for sustainable, low-maintenance gardens.

16. Black-eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susan
Image: Envato Elements

With their golden petals radiating from a dark center, Black-eyed Susans are a symbol of the wild, untamed garden. They’re tough, drought-resistant, and attract pollinators.

17. Dianthus

Pink dianthus flowers
Image: Envato Elements

Quick blooming with a variety of colors and patterns. Dianthus flowers, ranging from pink to red and white, are known for their spicy fragrance and frilled petals. They make excellent borders or potted displays.

18. Lupines

Lupin Field
Image: Envato Elements

The dramatic spikes of Lupines make a bold statement in any garden. With their rich colors and interesting foliage, they’re fast growers that add height and texture.

19. Phlox

Image: Envato Elements

Phlox brings an array of star-shaped flowers to the garden, with a sweet perfume that’s especially strong in the evening. It’s ideal for creating a relaxing, sensory experience.

20. Calendula


Known for its healing properties, Calendula is not just a pretty face. Its bright orange or yellow flowers are a versatile addition to both the garden and the home apothecary.

Each of these flowers has been chosen not only for their rapid growth and easy care but also for their ability to transform a garden with their unique beauty and charm. Now, let’s move on to some essential tips for planting and caring for these vibrant additions to your garden.

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